Can being Great not be Good Enough?

What happens if you’re doing great, and the informal feedback you receive backs the claim of things are going great, but things are different when you finally deliver?  It is simply not good enough?  How did that happen?  Were things misunderstood or ignored?  Where were the signs?  Were the right questions not asked?  If so, who should have been asking those questions?  Maybe expectations were not being managed.

The bigger question is, “How does one recover?”  Maybe one cannot recover, as the perception is irreparable or the team’s morale is so damaged that things cannot be turned around.  Or, perhaps, one wipes the proverbial slate clean and starts over.

Maybes, lots of maybes on how to recover, or…to kill it.

There is no yellow brick road to enlightenment or a right answer.  There is only one’s choice to determine the next steps with or without taking into account the history that lead one to these future next steps.

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