My bucket is full

Balancing one’s personal life and work life can be viewed like a seesaw.  Sometimes one side is heavier than the other, but they generally balance each other out.
But what happens when they don’t come back into balance?  How long is an acceptable time for the imbalance to occur?  What if the end was no where in sight?  What would you do?
“Buckle up and tough it out!”
“Man up!”
“Only quitters quit!”
“Fuck it, I’m out!”
Or maybe…
“I thrive during adversity”
“I’m at my best when I’m stressed”
“All good things come to those who wait” or something like that…
One can believe they know exactly how to balance their seesaw, but the methods you knew and relied on for so long do not matter when your life changes so drastically that nothing could have prepared you.  It’s at that moment when the change occurs that one must forget everything and learn how to rebuild their coping mechanisms.  No, beer doesn’t count.  It helps, but, no, it doesn’t count.
It is your agility and capability to change your colors like a chameleon that will help you not drown when that change inevitably hits you in the face.  If you’re unwilling to change, or to reinvent yourself, well…good luck with that.
And thanks for leaving the uncharted paths to others like me.

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