The Meaning of Veteran’s Day

Growing up, Veteran’s Day usually meant a long weekend away from school.  As I grew older, that sentiment didn’t really change.  It didn’t change until I became a veteran.  Now, as I am certainly older, my view of this day means much more and many, many different things.  Mostly it means I am proud to be part of such an elite group.

As this day ends, one must know it is not about who is in the White House.  Nor does it matter which party is in control.  What matters is the common folk that left the normalcy of an every day life to protect our country’s freedom.  Presidents, and for that matter all politicians, come and go.  A veteran, on the other hand, leaves much more behind them when they leave the service.  They, sometimes…many times, lose friends.  As a result that veteran has lost a piece of their soul with that friend.

A veteran was the guy from the inner city.  A veteran was the girl from the small rural town.  They’ve endured crappy work environments away from family and friends.  Sometimes they don’t come home.  Sometimes they come home to a country that ignores their need.  Nevertheless, a veteran.  A veteran is a person who set aside their life so others could continue to live in this great country.

We will continue to have a proud country as long as this country has willing folks to stand up to bad guys – no matter what political party is in office.  Today’s veterans and those in the future will never be forgotten.

Veteran Proud.

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