Tablet Popularity

Desktop computing was a forced relationship, similar to an arranged marriage.  The computer manufacturer made all decisions about the computer, from processors to color hues, and the consumer bought it, set it up at a desk, and used it.  It was love because the consumer didn’t know there was something better.  You became a homesteader because of the five or more different units that were needed to have a good computing experience – main CPU box, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers.

Which brings us to the laptop, and it’s descendants called netbooks, ultra books, etc.  But, really, it is just a desktop with smaller parts that allow you to nomadically move from one place to another.  Each move requires you to close it up, remember your power cords, and then find a place to set up camp.  Again you were tied to what the manufacturer felt you would do with your laptop, but you at least you were a nomad now.

The tablet changed things.  It is the true mobile computer which can be used while on the move or sitting anywhere you choose.  One can choose to homestead or be nomadic.  It has mostly freed us from power cords, and certainly from the mouse.  The power of the tablet is that it has allowed the consumer to self-select how they will use the device.   It has mostly removed the CPU power once demanded by consumers; it has transitioned to a demand of easy and convenient access.

Next in the evolution is?

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