New Ideas to Solve Existing Problems

How do you approach solving a problem?  Do you look at existing solutions to determine if they are adequate and only need tweaking?  Do you try to justify the existing solution does satisfy the answer with a stale response that it “works as designed”?

What if you knew your job depended on solving the problem?  Would you approach it differently then?  Consider the RIM and the Blackberry design team.  No one in that organization considered a consumer device to be a threat; I’m sure you’ve heard of that consumer device from Apple?  However, that same team didn’t consider the problems that consumer device was attempting to solve.  Those RIM design jobs are now very much at jeopardy.

Instead of looking at the problem and the current solutions, perhaps, it is better to completely ignore the current solutions.  Instead, why not just consider the problem and what you’d do to solve the problem.  A sort of clean slate approach, if you will.

It is my opinion that existing solutions cloud one’s judgement, as it keeps you focused on how to make the current solutions better.

If the problem has been around for a while, then the same solutions that have been trying to solve the problem will only continue to perpetuate the problem.  Convene a meeting with a single index card describing the problem.  Ask the question, “How do we solve this problem?”  That will likely take you in directions you had never considered.

What do you think?  Is this approach helpful or too simplistic?

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