Most Influential Leaders

I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have worked for great people.  There have been a few that were bad, just horrible, but as I said I’ve been fortunate to have had good bosses.  The people I’ve worked for range from my grandfather, Navy Chiefs, civilian and government sector.
It was not always easy.
High expectations.
Allowed me at times to do my own things, or at least it appeared they were allowing me to control my own destiny.
High praise as well as a wrath that has no equal fury.
Owned up to their mistakes….with some prodding on my part.
Role models.
Everyone in town called my grandfather Daddy Jack, both out of respect and fondness.  He earned that by being both tough and caring at the same time.
These traits can be directly applied to one’s life…I’m still learning how to be as good as they are.
Leaders lead people.  Managers are not leaders.
What about you?  What traits did your bosses have that I’m missing?

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